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Tutor: "One who has the care of instructing another in various branches or in any branch of human learning."
American Dictionary of the English Language, Noah Webster, 1828

         Tutoring services are available to CIU students, undergraduate, graduate, and CIU Global.
Tutors will be available:
  • for specific areas of expertise
  • by appointment only
  • Online (Microsoft TEAMS) or in person (in the library)
Students will need to book their appointment at least 4 hours in advance. No-shows will be charged a $5 fee (per 1/2 hour session).
  • Students may earn back a $5 no-show fee at the end of the semester by keeping 5 appointments in the semester. Appeals may be made by email to academicsuccess@ciu.edu during the last 5 days of the semester.

Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching is an individual weekly appointment with a coach. Coaching sessions can focus on accountability, academic needs, time management, etc. Coaching appointments are arranged through the Academic Success Center.