Avoid Plagiarism & Style (MLA)

"Me? Plagiarize?" Video -- Learn about plagiarism and when you need to cite your sources. (3:30 video from Hartness Library CCV/Vermont Tech).


MLA Style Guide (8th edition)

PEP (Personal Enrichment Program)

Personal Enrichment Program (PEP)

The Academic Success Center partners with the Graduate Counseling Program to offer PEP. PEP is designed to provide academic coaching and accountability for undergraduate students. The program pairs an undergraduate student with a counseling graduate student who serves as an academic coach. The coach meets with the student weekly to address academic concerns and provide accountability. Students who participate in this program report an increased level of academic success and ability to maintain focus on their academic goals. Students can request to participate in PEP. Referrals are also made by the academic deans’ offices, the Academic Success Center, faculty, and Student Life staff. Students interested in more information about PEP can contact the Academic Success Center at 803-807-5611 or by e-mail at academicsuccess@ciu.edu.    

PEP Interest Form

PEP Program Description 0119.pdf

COVID-19 Online Schooling Management

Resources to help everyone figure out how to manage online schooling during this time.

Download and modify to fit your schedule.

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