Planning your career can seem overwhelming, but we want to help you discern the sweet spot between your passions, skills, and gifts to form that into a career that has an impact on the Kingdom.

Fortunately you have time right now to explore opportunities, try new things, and take some risks - let us help you make those calculated risks! We have a variety of options available to you.

Informational Interviews are a great way to find out more information about a potential job or industry you are interested in. Reach out to someone working in the field you'd like to explore, or one that you are planning on going in to, and ask them if they have time for a 15 or 30 minute informational interview. Then, you can work through a list of questions. This informational interview document will help you start developing questions!

Career Coaching consists of sitting down with someone to walk through career advising, internship and job search guidance, and developing your plans for post-graduation. To setup an appointment, e-mail

Assessment Tools are available to help discern your strengths/weaknesses, skills, and gifts, and how each of these line up with potential career opportunities. 

  • Career Direct is an assessment that combines biblical stewardship with practical career guidance. The free personality ID profile is available, or you may contact our office to purchase the complete assessment, including an action plan.
  • Career Transitions is a service accessible to you through the library's database and has free assessment resources and career path exploration.