Gaining Relevant Experience is all about getting involved and trying things that will add value to you career path.

Part Time Jobs are a great way to get in on the ground level with an industry you are interested in. However, they also offer you the opportunity to gain practical hard and soft skills that can be applied to any job in your future. To apply for part-time jobs both on and off campus, take a look at Handshake.

Job Shadowing allows for you to see the practical day-to-day experience in the job the career you want to pursue. By shadowing someone currently working in the position you want one day, you can see what it's really like and what you need to do to prepare now to get there. Connect with our office for advice on how to pursue these opportunities.

Informational Interviews, much like job shadowing, gives you the opportunity to connect with people further along the career path you are interested in pursuing. Asking intentional questions can often get you the same or similar results to job shadowing in less time. Suggested interview questions are provided in this guide.   

Internships or practicums are required in all of our programs at CIU, however, this doesn't mean you can't complete additional internships. Internships are another great way to get ground level experience to add to your resume, and test the waters in your future career. Check out Handshake for internship opportunities as well.


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