Office of Academic Advising

Welcome to the Office of Academic Advising! We are dedicated to supporting you in your academic journey and helping you achieve your educational and spiritual goals. Whether you are seeking guidance on course selection, exploring career paths, or need assistance with academic challenges, our team of advisors is here to assist you every step of the way.  

Our Services

  • Course Planning and Registration: Our advisors will help you navigate the academic requirements of your program, select appropriate courses, and register for classes each semester. Underclassmen will meet with a professional advisor; upperclassmen will meet with their faculty advisor.
  • Degree Audit and Progress Tracking: We will help you track your academic progress and develop a customized plan to achieve your educational goals. 
  • Connection to Academic Support: The Academic Success Center provides workshops, tutoring services and disability accommodations, and resources to enhance your study skills, improve academic performance, and overcome academic challenges. Let us connect you! 
  • Provide a Listening Ear: If something comes up, your advisor is here for you. Whether it’s illness, questions about your major, or prayer requests and spiritual needs, we’re available to help you navigate life’s challenges! 

Special Students

  • Athletes: Athletes have special academic requirements and guidelines to maintain athletic eligibility. Rebecka Vessey is the Director of Athletic Compliance and is a resource to help students maintain those requirements. She partners with the Office of Advising and other departments to support a healthy academic environment for athletes and can be reached at  
  • Pre-Health Advising: If your aim is to pursue graduate work in a health field, you will work closely with CIU’s Health Sciences department to identify and meet prerequisites for various graduate schools and their programs.  
  • Nursing: Please view the academic catalog for details on the Nursing programs at CIU.
  • Online-Only Undergraduates: CIU Global students will be advised by a dedicated professional advisor, assigned to them when they are accepted to their program. If you do not know who your advisor is, you can email and you will be connected with your advisor. 
  • Graduate Students: Most graduate students will be advised by faculty members. You will be introduced to your faculty advisor at the start of your degree program. Exceptions are the MBA, MOL, MED, DBA and POL degree programs, which are all advised by the Office of Academic Advising. 


Meet Our Advisors

Holly Cole: Director of Academic Advising

Email:; Phone: 803-807-5149

Ann Pierce: On-Campus Undergraduate Academic Advisor

Email:; Phone: 803-807-5625

Heather Coleridge: Online Academic Advisor

Email:; Phone: 803-807-5147


Office of Academic Advising

(803) 807-5625

Other Resources

Online Cohort Program Resources

A place to help students in the online cohort programs that are in the five and six-week format. This also includes the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Doctorate in Ministerial Leadership.

Office of Academic Advising: (803) 807-5147

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Online Quick StartThis guide is designed for new students starting the online cohort programs.



2024-2025 Undergraduate Programs Suggested Course Sequence

This is a suggested course sequence for students in the 2024-2025 Academic Catalog. You can find your catalog year at the top left of your advising worksheet. 

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