Chapel services are held every Tuesday through Thursday, 11:00 - 11:45 a.m., and are an intentional part of our CIU educational program. Tuesday and Thursday chapels are designed for the entire university to gather together. Monday chapels are designated for small group meetings and are optional and Wednesday chapels are typically designed for segments of the community to meet together in separate venues. During special emphasis weeks, such as Christian Life Conference, World Christian Week, and focus weeks, there will be a required Monday chapel.  Attendance at chapel is required for faculty, staff and all undergraduate students.

Undergraduate Chapel Attendance:

  • Students enrolled for six or more credit hours are required to attend all chapels.
  • Six chapel absences are permitted each semester.  Students not present in chapel must be off campus or in their rooms in the residence hall.
  • Studying around campus is not permitted during chapel.
  • If you work during a chapel hour, or live off campus and do not have any classes in the morning on a particular day, permanent chapel excuses are available.  Requests can be made via the CHL 1000 webpage.
  • All students are required to listen to every President's Chapel, even if attendance is excused.  Chapel messages can be heard via the following link: 

Spring 2020 Chapel Schedule

2019 Chapel

Undergraduate Class Chapels: 

Seniors - Memorial Lobby

Juniors - Founders Lobby

Sophomores - Shortess

Freshman - Hoke


Locations for Student Development Dean's Chapels:

Women - Hoke

Men - Shortess

Married Students - Pamplin 


Advisor/Advisee Chapels: Contact Your Advisor

Grad/Sem Chapel: Please see The Insider