The Personal Enrichment Program (PEP) provides CIU undergraduate students a structured counseling intervention through the MA of Counseling graduate students enrolled in their practicum and internship courses. These graduate students provide the counseling and support services under the supervision of the course professors and clinical supervisors.


PEP offers quality counseling and support services by supervised counselors-in-training to help CIU undergraduate students enhance or “enrich” their overall personal, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Undergraduate students who may need assistance with their academic performance are appropriate for PEP, as well as other undergraduate students who are interested in enriching their overall experience while a student at CIU.  Interested students are welcome to participate in PEP during the semester by meeting weekly with a PEP counselor.  Interventions provided will be aimed at enhancing the students’ chances for success in completing the semester.  PEP services focus on academic and personal needs or issues limited to minor or life adjustments in nature, such as, interpersonal relationships, communication skills, coping skills, anxiety and stress management, time management, study skills, prioritizing, and healthy boundary setting.


To have a PEP counselor contact you, please click on the link to fill out the referral form. 


PEP Interest Form