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Each student is assigned a faculty advisor or a professional advisor according to the student’s program. Academic advising helps students know how to progress through their academic program while connecting them to University resources for academic, spiritual, and vocational goals at the institution. Undergraduate students on the campus meet with their academic advisors during two to three chapel periods each semester, during pre-registration periods, and when counsel is desired. Students are encouraged to contact their academic advisors whenever they desire academic or spiritual advice. Students in online programs that have five and six-week courses will be assigned a professional advisor that will help facilitate open communication with the University.


Athletes have special academic requirements and guidelines that they need to follow for athletic eligibility. The Director of Athletic Compliance is a resource to help students maintain those special eligibility requirements. The Director of Athletic Compliance partners with the Office of Academic Advising, and other departments to help support a healthy academic environment for athletes. 


Pre-Health Advising

If your aim is to pursue a career as a doctor, dentist, optometrist, podiatrist, veterinarian, and select allied health fields, such as physical therapy, physician assistant, pharmacy, and occupational therapy, the Office of Academic Advising will assist you as you navigate the course selection process, outline basic steps to applying for a health program in certain fields, and assist you on your path.

Role of the Office of Academic Advising for Pre-Health Students

Your professional advisor partners with the CIU’s Health Sciences department to customize a plan for you so that you:

  • Receive guidance on selecting programs that are the right fit
  • Learn how to apply to a program and use a centralized application system
  • Start preparing and taking the various examinations
  • Create a holistic view of what programs are looking for in a candidate


If you are interested in a health science program, you can plan to take the prerequisite courses at CIU by selecting the courses that you will need when you are applying for health science programs and allied healthcare programs.



AAMC             Guidance on medical school admissions, Medical School Admission Requirements (MSAR), & Pre-Med Worksheets

NAAHP           National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions

                        NAAHP Guide (available on MyCIU)



Please view the academic catalog for details on the Nursing programs at CIU.  




Office of Academic Advising

(803) 807-5625

Other Resources

Online Cohort Program Resources

A place to help students in the online cohort programs that are in the five and six-week format. This also includes the Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership and Doctorate in Ministerial Leadership.

Office of Academic Advising: (803) 807-5147

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Online Quick StartThis guide is designed for new students starting the online cohort programs.



2022-2023 Undergraduate Programs Suggested Course Sequence

This is a suggested course sequence for students in the 2022-2023 Academic Catalog. You can find your catalog year at the top left of your advising worksheet. 

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