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Spring 2014 Campus
BIB5113-01-SP14 Prophets: God's Messengers of Redemption and Judgment (.pdf, 311K)
BIB5133-01-SP14 Acts-Revelation: God's People Proclaiming Redemption Globally (.pdf, 160K)
BIB5410-01-SP14 Hermeneutics (.pdf, 207K)
BIB6320-01-SP14 Old Testament Theology (.pdf, 256K)
BIB6410-01-SP14 History of Bible Interpretation (.pdf, 176K)
BIB6649-01-SP14 Pastoral Epistles (.pdf, 202K)
BIB6659-01-SP14 Hebrews (.pdf, 138K)
CNC5400-01-SP14 The Ministry of Counseling Theory and Practice (.pdf, 140K)
CNC6015-01-SP14 Advanced Multicultural Counseling (.pdf, 226K)
CNC6411-01-SP14 Sexuality Counseling (.pdf, 134K)
CNC6412-01-SP14 Addictions Counseling (.pdf, 131K)
CNC6710-01-SP14 Brief and Solution-Focused Counseling (.pdf, 151K)
GLS5310-01-SP14 Creative-Access and Business as Mission (.pdf, 124K)
Spring 2014 Online
BIB5112-O01-SP14 Genesis-Song of Solomon: God's Plan of Creation and Redemption (.pdf, 281K)
BIB5132-O01-SP14 Gospels: God's Means of Providing Redemption (.pdf, 165K)
BIB6010-O01-SP14 Acts in Historical, Theological and Missiological Perspective (.pdf, 178K)
BIB6330-O01-SP14 New Testament Theology (.pdf, 156K)
GLS5110-O01-SP14 Mission of God (.pdf, 131K)
Winter 2014 Atlanta
RES7961-S01-WI14 Bible and Theology Integrative Seminar (.pdf, 270K)
Winter 2014 Campus
BIB6675-01-WI14 1-2 Peter and Jude (.pdf, 241K)
CNC6474-01-WI14 Clinical Applications in Missionary Care (.pdf, 141K)
CNC9474-01-WI14 Clinical Applications in Missionary Care (.pdf, 130K)
MIN6130-01-WI14 Introduction to Chaplaincy (.pdf, 211K)
MIN9415-01-WI14 Developing Effective Coaching and Consulting Skills (.pdf, 166K)
MIN6415-01-WI14 Developing Effective Coaching and Consulting Skills (.pdf, 166K)
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